What's Deadly at Kirrae


The third Thursday of each month


Tuesdays during school term from 10:00 to 12:00 lunch provided.

Koko Blokes

Young men aged 7-17 yrs, Wednesdays 4pm

Community Lunches

At Kirrae every second Tuesday 12:00 noon

Social Support Lunches

Held fortnightly, give us a buzz to find out where the next one will be or check out our Facebook page and monthly Community Newsletter


Fridays, 11am - 12pm, all welcome, no experience required


Other Fitness and Social Activities:

  • Gym sessions

  • Walking Group

  • Craft Group

  • School Holiday Programs


See our 'services' tab for all of our programs including mental health, Drug and Alcohol, Aged Care and more.

Bulk Billing GP Clinics

Kirrae Health Service is a bulk bill clinic, all welcome.  Please ring to book an appointment with a doctor or come in to see our full time onsite Registered Nurse or awesome Health Workers.

Dr Chandan - every second and fourth Tuesday of the month - 10am - 2pm

Dr. Hall - First Tuesday Night of the month, 4pm-7pm

Dr. Hedgland - Third Thursday of each month - 9:30 -12:10

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