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Our Vision


That we continue to support families as our core cultural base, celebrating our strong family links, gaining cultural, social, emotional and economic well-being within our family units as this will support us to grow as individuals within a strong community.


Mission Statement

Kirrae Health Service exists in order to service the physical, mental and  emotional health needs of the Framlingham Aboriginal Community and surrounds in a manner that is effective, culturally sensitive and acceptable to the community.

How we came to be

Kirrae Health Service is built in the Framlingham Aboriginal community which is situated on Gunditjmara country on the western plains of Victoria.


We are an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation. (ACCHO)

Kirrae Health Service was first established in the late 1970’s by Brian Davis and his wife Maisie. The husband and wife duo first started the service to support the community, that ranged from long distance transport to attend meetings, medical appointments, visiting members of the community, house cleaning and checking in with members of the community to help support their day to day needs. At the very beginning there was a doctor (Dr Jim Thomson) who would visit once every couple of weeks. Dr Thomson would work out of a bus that Brian and Maisie purchased which they also used to live in. The main driving forces that kept Kirrae alive and allowing the service to grow over these years were community participation with the service responding to the need of the community.

As the community has expanded over the years so have Kirrae’s services and programs which ensures the communities needs are still met at a high standard. Kirrae Health Service  continues to be a vital Aboriginal Health Service to the South West region as the importance of the health and access within the Community is always at the forefront at Kirrae.















Kirrae's Commitment to Child Safety


Kirrae Health Service is committed to Child Safety.  This includes:


  • zero tolerance for child abuse

  • actively working to listen to and empower children

  • Systems to protect children from abuse, take all allegations and concerns very seriously and respond to them consistently in line with the organisation’s Child Safe policy and procedures

  • Promoting cultural safety for children

  • Providing a safe environment for children with a disability



If you believe a child is at immediate risk of abuse, phone 000


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Staff of Kirrae Health Service are required to:

  • Treat all clients of the service with respect and dignity.

  • Ensure confidentiality of all personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and legislated guidelines.

  • Practice health-care in accordance with relevant professional standards. 


Clients of Kirrae Health Service are required to:

  • Treat staff of the Kirrae Health Service with respect and dignity.

  • No service will be provide to clients who are grossly affected by substances, who make threats or are abusive to staff.


Kirrae Health Service retains the right to refuse service/ban clients who fail to meet the code of conduct or contravene Kirrae’s commitment to child safety.

For a complete copy of our Code of Conduct, please contact us via phone, email or via our feedback page

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